My name is Tatiana Kolesnikova. I'm living in Moscow Russia. Still Life is a small cattery, which was registered in CFA system in 2010 (reg. # 208392). Persian and Exotic Cats are my love. I gave my preference to bicolor color. My cats are constantly surrounded by concern and live together with me and my family. All my kittens are brought up with the great love, because I love greatly these remarkable animals. My purpose is the producing healthy kittens with the sweet open expressions and the excellent character!
The lines of the best catteries are represented in pedegrees of my cats: Ocalicos, Davikatz, Branaway, Wishsatar, Parti Wai, Candirand, Rhamjoge, Cattilak, Pajean, Fabuls, Zhao, Catparty, Blueskyeyes, Couronne, Wishstar, Cattrax, Lisa-Light  and others.
If you need any information about my kittens, plz write on my e-mail. I will be very glad if you tell me about yourself and your cattery.I hope you will spend a great time on my site. And I ll be happy to see your comments in
 my guest book.